About Us

Broker Affairs GmbH Energy Services (BAES), a company based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is born to provide as a name passing broker voice brokerage services in both power and gas OTC physical forward non-standard products in the wholesale energy market. As a result we intermediate tailor made products, blocks and profiles, with different maturities and in different countries.

As name passing broker we receive and transmit orders on request of market participants and make them available to the rest of the market. Therefore we do not receive and transmit orders for execution.

The long experience gathered in this field throughout the years working as individuals for other broker companies and the increasing interest of the market to move in this direction, lead us to the wish of continuing the development of the mentioned products. To achieve this target we consider the interaction with customers to be the key element in order to understand the real needs of the market and try to satisfy them. This will bring us to improve our product and market knowledges and provide a more personalised and, as a result, better service.

You can reach us at the phone number and email address shown below. DonĀ“t hesitate to contact us, we will be very pleased to assist and support you. 

Phone  +49 (0) 69 928 826 89 0

Mail: baes@baes.eu

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