Raúl Calvo Heredero

Raúl Calvo had his first contact with global markets in 1995 (after having studied economics at the Zaragoza University in Spain), when he joined the Treasury Department of Banco Santander in Frankfurt, where he was an active trader at the money and currencies´ markets. He then worked for German Brokers AG doing prop trading on equities, at the time he passed the official trader´s exam of the Frankfurt Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse).

In 2001 he started a new chapter in his career by joining Power ITS to broke European power markets. Since 2002 he has dedicated his full attention to building up markets for non standard products in the energy field, working for Bierbaum Energy GmbH and Spectron Group Limited.

After nearly 10 years of experience in these markets he now acts as a Managing Director of Broker Affairs GmbH Energy Services (BAES), with his mind fixed on making new efforts to consolidate  and promote the development of this market segment 


J. David Calvo Heredero

David Calvo started his career in 1995 working for Banco Santander in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, after studying economics in the University of Zaragoza, Spain, and Fachhochschule Wiesbaden, Germany. In 2004 he left Germany to join the quite bigger team of the central offices of Banco Santander in Madrid, Spain. During all these years working for the spanish private bank he has been developing and providing a wide range of tasks for the back office area, especially for the most active derivative markets within Europe, United States & South America.  He has been certificated by Eurex Clearing as a qualified back office staff member after passing the Eurex Clearer Test in 2002.

Very early in 2008 he left Banco Santander and joined Spectron Group Ltd. He provided brokering services for non-standard products, e.g., blocks and profiles, in the most important european wholesale power markets. Since august 2010 he has been fully concentrated in setting up Broker Affairs GmbH Energy Services (BAES), acting now as a Managing Director.


Jens J. Henry Dreyer

Jens Dreyer worked for many years as a trader at the money and currencies markets for different banks. After that he turned his interest in the online brokerage business segment to helping two startup companies.  By that time he was officially listed as a trader at all german Stock Exchanges.

Since almost a decade he successfully runs an aviation broker company and thinks this is the right time for a new challenge. Within the first phase at Broker Affairs GmbH Energy Services (BAES) he will be mainly active in sales and marketing activities. 

He holds a Master Degree from Frankfurt University.


Denise Tatiana Dreyer

Denise Dreyer is a lawyer focused on international affairs.


Dirk Stelzer

Dirk Stelzer holds a Master in economy and runs his company now for more than 10 years. The right choice for all technical challenges.